TRIfinity Technology ensures you’ll get the most out of START. STYLE. FINISH., so you can create an infinite number of style equations. All KMS products are multi-compatible: They work best when used as a 3-step regimen together, and each step benefits the end style.
• START products feature the AHA Structure Complex. They prime by improving the outside and the inside of the hair, ensuring STYLE products can adhere evenly. 
• STYLE products are individually formulated with Innovative Shaping Blends. Each product contains a unique blend to ensure you can easily create the style you want.
• FINISH products contain Flexible Sealing Compounds. They help to prolong the effect of STYLE products, with up to 3-day hold and humidity protection, for a natural-looking style that lasts.
 Adapted from the regimen approach developed by KMS nearly 20 years ago, TRIfinity Technology ensures reliability, longevity, and high performance. Most importantly, it ensures our products work – in the most effective way possible.

KMS  heeft een innovatieve, gepatendeerde technologie ontwikkeld, IOPS - Inside Out Perfecting System.
Dit krachtig voedende transportsysteem zorgt ervoor dat de herstellende en verzorgende ingrediënten diep in het haar terechtkomen. IOPS en de uit Californië afkomstige natuurlijke en ondersteunende ingrediënten werken harmonieus samen om het haar van binnenuit levendiger en gezonder te maken.

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